As it Happens

As it Happens

When I was a kid we went to church a lot. Like… a lot. Like … every day.

And if we happened to miss church in the morning, Mom would send us with Dad at night.

I used to sit in Dad’s truck (and before that, the station wagon) on our way to church, and there were only a few things that might make us a bit late for church.

The Oilers …  or “As It Happens” on CBC AM Radio.

In fact, there may have been one or two instances when we sat in the St. Agnes Church parking lot for a few minutes past 7 p.m. while we waited to see if Gretzky was going to keep his point streak alive. 

And there may have been one or two instances when we sat in the St. Agnes Church parking lot for a few minutes past 7 p.m. while we waited for Barbara Frum to interview the guy who was actually abducted by aliens, or the guy who not only got a video of Big Foot, but knows it’s female (spoiler alert: mammary glands) or the time she got a bank robber/hostage taker on the phone in mid-hostage crisis to talk.

The show was, and still is, a current events show that covers the big, small, awesome and weird stories of the day in Canada. 

This summer, CBC Radio’s “As It Happens” celebrates 50 years on the air. Crazy. Other than Hockey Night In Canada, I can’t think of a show that has had as much history for me than “As It Happens.” 

So last Thursday I got an email asking if I could do an interview with CBC Radio. And in the middle of the email, it said, “CBC, AIH.” And like any detective, I thought, “What does the AIH stand for?”

When they said, “As it Happens,” I couldn’t say YES fast enough. I almost fell over. 

You might be asking what “As It Happens” would want to talk to me about. Maybe Ellen Degeneres or President Obama or Jann Arden… or the horse races that don’t have horses?” (spoiler alert – not the first three).

(By way of background, as mentioned in a previous blog the group of us behind Best of Calgary, along with CMLC, decided to bring the World Famous George Stephenson Horse Races back to the St. Louis Hotel this summer. These imaginary horse races, have been running every Friday afternoon this summer, just like they ran every Friday afternoon for 30 years down at the Louis – with chicken and chips and beer to boot.)

And that’s how I found myself on Friday morning just before the races started, on my phone being interviewed by AIH host @cbcasithappens Helen Mann. It was as nervous as I’ve ever been for a radio interview, or for any interview. What would Dad think? What would ALL OF CANADA think? Okay, maybe not all of Canada still listens to “As It Happens,” but my Dad does, and that’s enough for me.

So now I can take my place along with the Big Foot Guy, The Alien Abduction Guy, but also with almost every world leader, every hero, every regular person who has done something heroic, and say, “I was on that show once.”

We are doing one more show… this Friday. If you want tickets, they are going fast and you can get yours here.

It’s so good, you’ll be late for church.

Ps. You can have a listen to the As It Happens Episode here.