Christmas Special Guest: Jill Barber

Christmas Special Guest: Jill Barber

Special Guest: Jill Barber

So I was on the phone with Jill Barber the other day, talking Christmas music.

It gives me a little thrill every time I talk to an upcoming guest on the show, because they have no idea what they’re in for. I tell them, “There will be over a hundred Young Canadians in the show, you will have the incredible Russ Broom and The Flat Whites backing you up, there will be stories and laughs… and you.”

Jill Barber is a Canadian singer songwriter that a lot of you know, but some of you might not. She has won all kinds of awards, including a Juno, she toured as part of the Vinyl Cafe, and she’s going to be our musical guest on Dave Kelly Live for our Christmas shows. (Yes, we’re doing two shows:  Saturday night, Dec. 14th and Sunday afternoon, Dec. 15th.) Anyway, I’m on the phone with Jill (I call her Jill, because we’ve been on the phone for well over 30 seconds by now, so we’re close personal friends) and talking about songs she’d like to sing on the show.

Now, you have to know Jill to understand the conversation. Jill can sing anything. Jill once took French Immersion and then recorded an album ENTIRELY IN FRENCH. Did that one win an award? Oh yes, it did. It’s called “Chansons,” which from my Grade 8 French class I know means, “A whole lot of talent.” She has recorded jazz influenced music, she has recorded an album with her brother (also a singer songwriter) and her latest album “Metaphora” is a killer blend of pop/dance/jazz/awesomeness. 

So when you ask Jill what Holiday songs she’d like to sing, and she says, “Let me think about it…” I realize she’s going through every holiday song ever written to find the most amazing tune she can find.

And she will have some great tunes picked out. We will rehearse them with the Young Canadians before she gets here, the Flat Whites will be ready.

She will be amazing, and she won’t know what hit her.