Coming Home for the Holidays

Coming Home for the Holidays

Jocelyn Alice is coming home to Calgary for the holidays, just in time to do a show with us.

Let me tell you a bit about Jocelyn. Some of you know her because she’s a great Calgarian/ Canadian singer songwriter that has done very well. Her song “Jackpot” went viral; she’s won a bunch of Canadian music awards; and she recently moved to Los Angeles to take her career to another level.

If you don’t know her, I’m not saying you’re old. I’m just saying your Walkman needs new batteries. Ha ha. Get it? YOUR WALKMAN NEEDS BATTERIES! (I know, I know… it’s so loud in here.) (Remember when the yellow waterproof Walkman came out?) (The headphones weren’t waterproof, though.) (Excellent set up for treading water.) (Too many brackets?) (Probably.)*

Anyway, she’s coming home for Christmas and she’s going to be part of our Dave Kelly Live show with her musical collaborator and friend Lisa Jacobs. We’ll get to hear her sing her own songs, and get to hear her rendition of some holiday songs. And we’ll get to catch up.

Coming home for the holidays can be pretty fun. You get to see your old room, see your old friends, and hopefully still get along with your family.

I went away to Los Angeles when I left home. I left with big dreams and came back with big hair. The entire family met me at the airport. Mom, Dad, Phil, Gord, Grant, Rob, Julie, Theresa and Ann (Joan wasn’t born yet) were all there, and I strutted out with my new look.

Mom piled everyone into our Econoline Van and took me straight to the barber shop and told me if I wanted supper I had to get my hair cut.

Turns out, I was pretty hungry.

So Jocelyn, I’ll tell you this. I can’t wait to see you on our stage, singing and entertaining everyone, sitting down and telling us about your big dreams and the great life.

I also can’t wait to see what you’ve done with your hair.

*(I know, I know, they’re called parentheses, not brackets) [these are brackets] (but who says parentheses?) (I’m sorry Mrs Nagle)