The Day Jim Button Got His Revenge On Me

The Day Jim Button Got His Revenge On Me

So we had our Christmas DKL last week and there were many highlights in my mind. For some, though, a huge highlight was Jimmy’s revenge on me.


Here’s the story:

Some of you know my friend Jim Button. (Okay, most people on Earth know Jim.)
He is married to Tracey, an amazing woman.
He has two great kids.
He owns a brewery with a few friends.
He is my sidekick on the show.
Oh, and for the last few years, he has been dealing with a pesky case of cancer.
And because he is my sidekick on the show, we both decided that his cancer wasn’t going to slow down our approach, especially for the Christmas show. If we were going to put Jim in a stupid costume before he had cancer, we’re DEFINITELY going to put Jim in a stupid costume after he had cancer. Cancer has tried to be a thief with Jim’s health – but Jim was determined the Rat Bastard wouldn’t be a thief with his laughter and living out loud. So, at past Christmas shows, Jim’s been our elf and my butler. This year, I wanted to find something really ridiculous. Except, Jim decided to do a sneak-around revenge move I didn’t see coming.

But first, a Jimmy Cancer Update.

Things were rough six months ago. It’s not often a guy looks at his friend lying in a hospital bed and thinks, “it’s touch and go,” but it was. It was a rough winter and spring for Jimmy and his family.

By June, though, things started to turn around. A bit. I asked some of his medical professionals why the turnaround, and fortunately, I had some paper and wrote while they talked. I added my notes to help.

You’re welcome.

(Essentially he’s still very sick, but because he isn’t in excruciating pain every time he eats, he can eat more, he can put on weight, he can sleep, he’s stronger, he’s happier. Yeah Jim!)

Okay, back to Jim’s Costume … and Jim’s Revenge. Along with Jim’s regular announcing duties on the show, we also were going to use him to do our Sponsor Thank You. It’s a centre stage, solo moment, and I wanted him to do it.

First part of the plan was to get the Heebee-jeebees to be his Sponsor Thank You Backup Band. Cedric, John, Ken and Chris were on the show celebrating their 25th year as the Heebee-jeebees, and they are good friends of Jim’s and they were up for being his backup singers.

All we needed now was a ridiculous costume.

Tara is the costume person for the Young Canadians, and she has access to years of Stampede Grandstand shows. I said, “What can you come up with that is ridiculous for Jim to wear?”

“How ridiculous?” asked Tara.

“Try me,” I said.

“How about a skin tight unitard for an aerialist from 2008?”

“That sounds just about perfect,” I said.

And don’t worry. Ben Laird, our tremendous show photographer caught everything on his camera. This is us during the show before I sent him offstage.

While he changed I talked with the Heebee Jeebees about their amazing 25 years as award winning entertainers in our city. How they started (in a U of C Stairwell) and their Holiday Show traditions (coming up on Sunday December 23rd at the Bella at MRU) and then… this happened:

Sorry – did you want a close up? No problem:

And now you’re saying, “HA HA HA HA! Dave Kelly, you sure are a funny guy and you sure made Jim look goofy!”

And then you thought, “Wasn’t there talk of revenge?”

Yes. Jim (in his costume) said, “You know Dave, I’ve taken your abuse for years now – and although my superior brain power would allow me to take you down in the time it takes you to tie your shoes, I have decided to create my own moment.”

“What does that mean?” I said.

“I have decided to take the high road and give this segment a bit of class. Please welcome my friend Andrew.”

And then Andrew walks out … WITH THIS!

“What?!” you’re saying, “is that the actual GREY CUP?! The Cup the Calgary Stampeders won as CFL Champions just a few weeks ago?”

Yes. Yes it is.

You ask, “How the heck did Jim Button manage to get it to DKL?!”

Like I said – Jim knows everyone. In the midst of the Grey Cup’s incredibly tight schedule, he managed to convince the Stampeders that Revenge On Dave should be part of the Cup itinerary.

And then Jim said this, “I love Calgary and this Cup reminds us that even when jobs are scarce, even when our city is in challenging times – even if Dave tries to make me look ridiculous – we are a strong city with a spirit that I love. So this moment is for all of us”

“Ha ha ha!” you say, “How dumb did you feel Dave?”

Okay. He got me.

He got me as only my great friend with a great heart and a great family can get a guy. And I felt so humbled and inspired by the guy, there was only one thing I could do at that point.

I made him wear the costume for the rest of the show.

Thanks Jim. You really are the best.