Honest Opinion: Would You Swipe Right?

Honest Opinion: Would You Swipe Right?

Quick note for those that care…

I was just talking to someone who said, “Hey – your Valentine’s Night DKL next Thursday – I’m not dating anyone and I’m fine with that – but am I just going to feel bad if I go?”

“No!” I said, “The show is going to be crammed with actors, singers, funny people, talented people, artistic people… and Jim Button.”

“Sure, but isn’t it about love?”

“Yes, but it’s not just for lovers – it’s for people who love great shows.”

“Hmmmmm…,” they said, “I’ll think about it.”

And with that tremendous vote of confidence, I thought I’d send a note to tell anyone, lovers or not – that our show next Thursday is going to be another incredible celebration of music, laughter, stories and … ok… love.

Get your tickets here: https://goo.gl/ve6eSe