It’s A One Year Anniversary for the Hardest Working Couple

It’s A One Year Anniversary for the Hardest Working Couple

I only know one person who LOVES Valentine’s Day. He loves it more than Christmas, more than any other day. Except Birthdays. 

“Birthdays are great because it’s when you were born – that’s important…” he says, “and Valentines is the day we celebrate the most important, most powerful emotion on the planet: Love!”

So he makes a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, whether he’s in a relationship or not. He loves Valentines Day so much he got married on Valentine’s Day last year. 

You might ask, “Wow – I can’t imagine what he and his partner are doing for a one year anniversary: Music, fondu, champagne… and a quiet night together?”

Yes. Yes. Yes… and No.

He’s our musical director and part of the Flat Whites… and his romantic anniversary involves work.

Our musical director Russ Broom married Mhairi O’Donnell live… on Dave Kelly Live last year on Valentine’s.

It was fun, funny and ridiculous.

This is how they looked.

Jim Button was their ring bearer.

And the flower girl was volun-told from our audience. 

(That’s actually Bruce – a former banker, who had no idea retirement
would have such perks.)

And now – they’re coming up on their one-year anniversary. 

And to celebrate… they are working.

Russ will be playing on our show – and Mhairi will be running her restaurant. 

Russ and I will be working a lot harder, obviously – This is us having a working meeting about the lineup. 

Mhairi’s restaurant – Moonlight and Eli – a Champagne and Fondu Bar – the kind of place that will be jammed on Valentine’s night. So that’s what she’ll be doing

Which brings me to my point. Valentine’s Day is a bit of a dingbat day. It’s a day people work, people play, people eat, people feel guilty, people wonder what the heck they are supposed to do. 

Russ says, “It’s a celebration of love – you don’t need a date to celebrate love – there’s parents, pets, friends – there’s a lot of love to celebrate.”

So maybe instead of trying to make it romantic, trying to figure out the perfect night, maybe it’s fine to just live. To work if you have to work. To play if you get to play. 

And if you don’t have a date – who cares. 

Think about love… and go grab a fondu.