My Dad, the Thief.

My Dad, the Thief.

My Dad, The Thief. 

I have video evidence of highway robbery. Many of you won’t have time to watch the 10 minutes of footage, but if you’re interested in burglary done by an 85-year-old man, you might want to make time.

Because last week, my Dad drove down to Calgary and stole Dave Kelly Live from under my feet.

This 85-year-old man – a man who has had a stroke last summer and a fall that broke his shoulder at Christmas; a man I was worried would be out of practice at telling stories, out of practice at guitar – walked across the stage, sat down on his stool, put on his guitar… and stole the show.

So instead of me trying to tell a story here, I’ll just step back and let the master tell a story of his own.

Someday, I hope I’m that good.

I have a few decades to practice.


Ps. If you want to watch the video click this link > LINK