One of my kids thinks I’m cool…

One of my kids thinks I’m cool…

Let’s all pause while I bask in the glow of one of my kids thinking that I’m cool, shall we? 

It will be a brief pause on a steady descent into gloriously uncool, but for now, at this moment, let’s just enjoy it…

A week ago, John discovered the White Stripe tune, “Seven Nation Army”. Do you know that tune? It goes like this: Duhn duhn-duhn-duhn duhn DUHHHHN DUHHHHN. 

Now, forget that the song itself was a hit before John was born – he thinks its fairly new. And by “fairly new” he means, “not Dad’s music,” which isn’t true, but anyway … he’s been playing it incessantly. 

So I said, “Hey, I can teach you how to play that on the ukelele?” 

He looked at me like I’d told him I was friends with Post Malone. 

So I grabbed his ukelele and showed him the entirety of the five notes that make the lick. He first couldn’t believe it.

Then he couldn’t believe that it was me figuring it out. And then I showed him how to do it. He couldn’t believe he was doing it. For the past week, he has been wandering around the house playing Seven Nation Army on his Ukelele. 

And he thinks I’m a rock guitar god,

There are some real issues with this. I’m actually not a rock guitar god and I don’t think Jack White wrote that lick with the ukelele in mind. But those are minor details. 

The bigger picture is that it’s a good tune to hear a few times. Now that we’ve been hearing it a few million times, I’m not so sure.

But all of that is nothing compared to how he looks at me – and since I know that’s only going to last for so long, I’ll take it.

I am a rock guitar god.