Pringles, Muddy Lakes & Family

Pringles, Muddy Lakes & Family

I’m going to make this quick. We’re on holidays after the intensity of the Stampede and we just got the kids to bed here at the lake. I’m in a bit of a hurry because Wayne is pretty confident he’s going to take me out in cribbage and I’m looking forward to crushing him.

We’re thinking of having a nice bottle of red to go with the Pringles while we play. 

People sometimes say “you have lakes in Alberta?” And I say “the greatest lakes in the history of … well… Alberta, anyway.”

Alberta lakes are kinda reedy, kinda muddy, but … they are shallow, they are warm, and most of all, they are where my family is. Gull Lake is where John and Tess love to dig in the sun all day, watch movies when it rains, bike to the Wooden Shoe for ice cream after supper and invite friends like Wayne and Dayna and their kids to come and play.  Blythe has stories of spending every summer at Gull Lake and now John and Tess do too. Digging in the sand, chasing grasshoppers, splashing in the lake, and laughing.

The main food might be Pringle’s and the crib board might need a matchstick to replace the one missing peg, but it’s all we need.

And if I happen to make Wayne cry, we’ll that’s just the way we relax in Alberta.