Sir Arthur Conan Barf

Sir Arthur Conan Barf

I’m in an airplane listening to Sherlock Holmes while the pilot circles North America trying to find somewhere to land.

Regular Tuesday in Canada, right?

I left Calgary this morning on a flight to Montreal and I had a plan. I was going to GET STUFF DONE.

I was going to review my notes for the Montreal conference.
I was going to go through my mound of emails.
I was going to write this blog.
I was NOT going to start watching a movie.

And for the first 2 hours, I was ON IT. I reviewed my notes. I went through emails. All I had left was this blog.

And then the turbulence hit. And then the internet went out. And then we couldn’t land. 

After circling Montreal for a rough 20 minutes they sent us to Toronto. Too rough there. So we flew back to Montreal. Still bad. At that point fuel was low. So, we’re going to Syracuse. We’re going to get fuel there and try Montreal again.

I put my bouncing laptop away and  I’m writing this on my phone. 

And while I am writing, I opened “Downloaded Music” in iTunes. And the only thing I’ve downloaded is “The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes.” That’s it. I have no idea why I have The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on my phone, or why it’s the only thing I have to listen to. I might have got it for John and/or Tess once? But it’s what I have, so I’m listening to Sherlock and trying to ignore the bouncing plane.

Except it’s so turbulent, it’s hard to concentrate. Every time I get into a story the plane would lurch and I’d panic and pray and sweat and review my life goals … and lose my place in the story. 

This is what I know:

London is always foggy.

Sherlock knew the lady was in a hurry because she had ink on her fingers..

He also figured the man put the stolen jewel down a goose’s throat.

And the speckled band wasn’t about cigars. It was about a snake. 

That’s what I know.

And now – we’re landing in Montreal. Safely. Phew.

Sometimes you just have to unhook from technology and go to a gentler time… a time when people murdered each other in the fog, double-crossed their spouses in the study, and had ravenous dogs go after your throat.