Tap Now, Talk Later

Tap Now, Talk Later

I sent a letter to the Young Canadians before our show this Friday – and I thought I’d share it with you.

A Letter to the Young Canadians before Dave Kelly Live, Dec 7, 2018

Dear Young Canadians,

I wanted to send you a note before our show this Friday – and tell you a story.

Anna, Kenzie, Katelyn, Elena (and Mark) all tap beside me at the top of the show. When we started working together, sometimes we would talk a bit too much. Miss Susan started telling us to tap now and talk later. We found that funny. So we started saying, “Tap Now, Talk Later” which we then shortened to “TNTL”

Now it’s what we say before we get ready to dance. “TNTL!”

Someday we’re going to get T-Shirts.

I know that every one of you has had moments in your lives you could have just played on your phone, hung out and did nothing or watched TV. But instead you went to rehearsal, worked on your song or dance, you practiced and got better. TNTL!

This Friday night, there are over fifteen hundred people who are going to cram the Jack Singer to watch smart, funny, excellent singers, dancers and performers. All of you are going to show how fun it is to put on an amazing, heartwarming, hilarious, entertaining professional show.

They are going to see you sing with pros, sing like pros, share the stage with new Calgarians – and create the biggest community of winter warmth that only a great group of young people can do.

And if someone comes up to me and says, “Those Young Canadians are so TALENTED!” I’m going to smile and say “They sure are.” But in my head, and in my heart, I’m going to know the truth. It’s not just talent.

You all worked for it. And I’m so proud of all of you for working so hard.