From Australia With Love

From Australia With Love

Dave Kelly Live last night was one of the best we’ve done. I was so proud of our team, both on stage and off.

Jann Arden was a perfect guest. Funny, heartfelt, and generous. We’ll be posting a lot of pictures, videos and stories of the night, but I want to tell you the story about one moment that literally came from the other side of the world.

It was a moment that made Jann fall over.

First of all I have to say thanks to Chris Brunton. He’s Jann Arden’s Road Manager and he has been working closely with Jann for 15 years. (I actually have no idea of the exact number of years, but I’m on a plane and I’m pretty sure I’m close.)

When we were getting the show ready, I asked him if he knew of anyone we could ask to make a video for Jann. He worked his magic and got Rick Mercer to send a hello. It was classic Rick. Funny and smart. He set up a video with me and the women from The Social – we all crammed into a car together. Also funny and heartfelt, but then about two weeks ago he sent me this text:

“I have an idea for a video – what about Olivia Newton John?”


“She did a duet with Jann and I think she’d do it.”

And then a few days before the show, he said, “How’s this?”

There she was. Olivia Newton John saying hello to Jann, congratulating her on being an Icon, saying how much she valued Jann and her talent and friendship. It was genuine, kind, and perfect.

We put it into the show lineup and for the entire show I kept thinking, “I can’t wait… I can’t wait… “

And then towards the end of the show, I said, “We have one more video to play for you…”  and we pushed play and Olivia Newton John started talking. Jann stood up, then sat down, looked away, looked back. … shaking. She didn’t know what to do with herself.

And she said, “Can you imagine… I was a young kid in Springbank, Alberta learning to sing by listening to Olivian Newton John records. Can you even imagine sitting here, four decades later and I’ve sung with her, I know her and she SENT ME A VIDEO?”

It was a special moment – and so fun to see Jann so tickled.

And it’s all because of Chris.

Thanks Chris.

And thanks Jann.