Sweaty Song Choices

Sweaty Song Choices

Have you ever asked an established, recognized singer to put aside their own original music and sing Christmas songs?

It makes me sweat every November, as we plan the DKL Christmas show.

There are two reasons:

1. What if they hate Christmas songs? And if they don’t…
2: What if they pick Christmas songs that are truly terrible?

Our DKL Christmas show is crammed full of Young Canadians, stories, laughs… all based around the holidays. It’s a Holiday Show. A Christmas Show. So you kinda sorta hafta do holiday music.

So I left Jocelyn Alice a voicemail, “Hey Jocelyn. Dave here. Just going over the show and uh… we’d love to hear some of your awesome hits from your fabulous career – but uh… would you mind also singing … maybe… a Christmas song…. or maybe two? Let me know. Ok bye.”

She emailed me:

“Hey Dave Kelly – that sounds great. Just one holiday song?”

Now I know Jocelyn Alice does a killer version of one Christmas song already. Which is awesome. But I wanted to push it a bit. I emailed her.

“One is great – but what about two?”

This is where I started to sweat. What if she picks a terrible song?

Like 12 Days of Christmas. There is nothing good about that song. It’s boring. It’s way too long. And you can’t cut it off early. It’s not like you can say, “Let’s stop at six geese a laying before we all kill ourselves.” It’s the 12 days. So you have to do them all. Horrible song. What if she chooses that one?

So I get this from Jocelyn:

“How about Mariah Carey’s version of “All I want for Christmas?”

ARGHH! I love that song. It’s a great song. Except the Young Canadians are already doing that song. They’ve been rehearsing it for months already.

So I send an email back saying, “ARGHH …The YCs are already doing that one. Anything else grab you?”

She sends me this:

“White Christmas?”

Young Canadians are doing that one too.

“Blue Christmas?”

The Heebee Jeebees are doing that one. We’re running out of time… and good songs.

She doesn’t email for couple of days. I’m really sweating.

What if she picks Little Drummer Boy? That one happens to be SECOND WORST SONG EVER. “Parumpumpumpum” Seriously? That’s a lyric? And the entire song is based around the most boring drum beat of all time. In the world. Ever.

Spencer Cheyne is the drummer in the Flat Whites, our house band on DKL. He’s not only a great drummer, he’s a great producer. He produced the platinum single Jackpot for Jocelyn Alice. What if she says “Little Drummer Boy?” How do I break that to Spencer? Will he quit? Will he throw a drumstick at me?

Then I got an email from Jocelyn. Subject Line: “Christmas Song…”

For an entire day, I couldn’t open it. Drummer Boy? 12 Days? Please no please no…

That night, I opened it.

And danced the dance of joy.

“I was thinking Santa Baby… like Eartha Kitt does it.”

I don’t know if you know the Flat Whites… but if ever there was a song written for the Flat Whites – it’s Santa Baby. If there was a voice made to sing that song, it’s Jocelyn Alice.

It’s a really great choice.

Now I can stop sweating.

Until next year.