My Art Skills – and drinking with my kids.

My Art Skills – and drinking with my kids.


I was at the Mayor’s Luncheon for the Arts today.  You can probably tell, because that’s my art on the card. I know. You’re thinking I must have had professional help. Nope. That’s all me.

I was lucky enough to be able to host the event – an event that celebrates artists in our city and brings together artists, business and political  leaders. I got to spend some time onstage with Mayor Nenshi and he challenged all of us to come up with 3 things we are going to do to support the arts this year. He then challenged us to draw them on the card.

So I drew 3 things I was going to do. The first drawing shows me going drinking with Blythe and our kids. The second is me clapping while at the theatre. And the third is about our policy of paying musicians on DKL.

I know what you’re asking. You’re asking, “What theatre are you going to? Giant Chair Theatre? And when did you get your elbows removed?”

You might also be wondering why I’d take my kids drinking.

That’s not quite true. What I really want is to take my kids out to a bar.

Sort of.

It’s like this. I love good kids entertainment. We’ve seen almost every Pixar show there is to see. We’ve been to Storybook Theatre lots of times  – and it’s always great.

But there’s part of me that feels like John and Tess think that entertainment is for kids and about kids. If I think of all the plays, shows, music and movies that my kids have been exposed to, a vast majority of it is created for kids. Which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily.  Who doesn’t love Raffi?

But I want my kids to know that adults make music and love music and go to music. And, as award recipient Kate Stevens (@K8StevensMusic) pointed out at the luncheon today- there are lots of places that have all ages jams that allow all ages to watch – she’s part of one at the Blues Can. (@Blues_Can) The Ironwood. (@IronwoodStage) is technically not a bar but a restaurant – so you can bring anyone in to watch music. And there are lots others.

So this year, I want them to know that there are places out there where professionals play great music that may or may not include Baby Beluga.

So this year, I’m going to take them to a bar to watch and listen to great artists create music.

And if they hate the music, well, there’s always beer.

And I might teach them to draw too. I have things to teach.