Planning for Secrets and Surprises

Planning for Secrets and Surprises

It’s summertime. Which means we’re working hard planning out next season of DKL. But truth is, when it comes to next season, we only have a clue. That’s it.

I know this because last summer was the same.

It never quite works out like we think, but it’s good  to have a plan. I mean, look at last year.

In the summer of 2016 we said, “OK, what if we did a show at Christmas with some great local performers?” But we had no clue that that idea would turn into shooting a scene with 40 kids on a train done up like the Polar Express that ended up as a massive tap number with 100 Young Canadians on the Jack Singer.

We thought, “Hey, let’s do a Valentine’s Day Show so people can take their dates out…” without much more plan that that. We had no clue that it would end up with Paul Brandt and his wife Liz singing “I Do”  – with commentary on marriage and relationships from Liz.

We thought, “Ok, let’s plan another Father’s Day Special” and had no clue we’d end up with Dragon Manjit Minhas on stage with a running commentary on life from her Dad Moni. We did think that George Canyon would be a good Father’s Day guest – but we had no idea he’d be that hilarious.

We wanted to do a show around the Resolve Campaign and homelessness. But we had no idea that Tom Jackson would end up playing the part of Singer and Preacher and Storyteller and Inspirer… but he did.

And what about Canadians in Cars getting Coffee? A funny goofy idea last summer that we said, “Ok… who’s left?” turned into gold with Bret The Hitman Hart, Andrew Phung, Jim Peplinski, Amanda Marshall, K Trevor Wilson, and SANTA CLAUS!

So as we plan next season we know we’ll be doing a show with the Calgary International Film Festival. So who knows what kind of film stars we’ll come up with. We’ll be doing a huge Christmas Special at the Jubilee Auditorium with the Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede, we’ll be doing a shows with the Folk Fest, and with Word Fest – so we’ll have amazing music, amazing writers…

And even though our plans are great – I can tell you that whatever happens on stage will be even better.